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The Best Luau in Maui – The Feast at Lele

No trip to Maui for a first time visitor would be complete without an evening at a luau. Having been to other luaus before, I decided to try the most upscale luau on the island The Feast at Lele. While other luaus seat you in groups of 20 or more and the food is served buffet style, here the dining tables are private and you have personal wait staff to accommodate your requests.

The Feast at Lele is held in Lahaina, at the southern end of famous Front Street—the most happening street on Maui. This luxurious luau is located on the beach in Lahaina where Hawaiian royal families would dine and entertain.

Upon arrival and check in you are warmly greeted and encouraged to visit the waitresses that are serving Mai Tai’s and Blue Hawaii’s.  We were next taken to the beach area, given a fresh orchid lei, and directed to our intimate private dining tables.

Blue Hawaii


The panoramic views of the ocean and the sunset provide a perfectly picturesque setting for a wonderful evening. Everything is all-inclusive. Whatever drink you desire is promptly brought out. The is a five-course offering of delicacies that take you on journey through the pacific islands. We were presented with cuisine from Hawaii, Aotearoa, Tahiti and Somoa. Each course is accompanied by dramatic Polynesian dances from each island.


Here are some of the courses we enjoyed:

First Course – Hawaii

Chef’s Special – Bamboo Pineapple Rice with Caramelized Pepper Pineapple

Bamboo Pineapple Rice with Caramelized Pepper Pineapple

Lomi Lomi Salmon & Kalo Puree – Sous Vide cooked Salted Salmon with Pickled Onions, Green Onions, Island Tomato & Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

Lomi Lomi Salmon & Kalo Puree


Kalua Pua’a – Prepared in a traditional cooking style, slow-roasted in an imu – underground oven. Served with Butter Sautéed Cabbage

Kalua Pua’a

Second Course: Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Pikopiko Fern Salad – Fern Shoots & Pumpkin with Dried Rangi (Shrimp) Dressing

Pikopiko Fern Salad

Miti Hangi – 5 hour island scented braised short ribs in a kiwi fruit soy jus.

Miti Hangi

Harore Kumara – Medley of Stewed Mushrooms over Baked Orange & Purple Sweet Potato.


Harore Kumara


Third Course: Tahiti

Tahitian Baked Shrimp with Cream Coconut Butter & Ocean Salad

Tahitian Baked Shrimp with Cream Coconut Butter & Ocean Salad

E’iota Poisson Cru – Fresh Island Diced Fish & Vegetables in Coconut Milk & Lime Juice

E’iota Poisson Cru

Moa – Grilled Mango Ginger Chicken with Tahitian Lime Aioli & Mango Relish

Moa – Grilled Mango Ginger Chicken with Tahitian Lime Aioli & Mango Relish

Fourth Course: Samoa

Pani Popo – Baked Soft Roll in Creamy Coconut Milk

Pani Popo

Palusami – Braised Coconut Cream Corned Beef w/ baked ulu wrapped in young Taro Leaf.


Stew Figota – Fresh Island Fish in a Mussels, Scallops & Shrimp Stew with Coconut Banana Cream

Stew Figota

Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Whipped Haupia Cream, Island Grown Fit Garnish & Hawaiian Fruit Sauce

Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Fire Knife Show

The Feast at Lele Luau is my favorite Luau on Maui by far. From the delicious dishes to the dramatic entertainment, all equaled a wonderful evening in paradise.





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