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Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas Western Mediterranean Cruise – Daily Planners

Here are copies of each Daily Planner and Departure Information the Harmony of the Seas Western Mediterranean cruise for the week of June 19 – June 26.

If you are not familiar with Royal Caribbean ships, during each day of your voyage an hourly list of all activities, dining, entertainment, etc is provided to help plan your day. I find it really helpful to bring a highlighter to mark activities I want to make sure I don’t miss, since some activities and times may overlap.

Daily Planner Day 1 – Barcelona

Daily Planner Day 2 – Palma De Mallorca

Daily Planner Day 3 – Marseille

Daily Planner Day 4 – La Spezia (Florence)

Daily Planner Day 5 – Civitavecchia (Rome)

Daily Planner Day 6 – Naples (Capri)

Day 7 – As You Depart Barcelona

Each daily Cruise Compass was added here. Later this week I’ll be adding each of the port Destination 

My FULL REVIEW with pictures of the ship, ports, and dining options has been added as well. 

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