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Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas Western Mediterranean Cruise – Cruise Compass 

Here are copies of each Cruise Compass from the Harmony of the Seas Western Mediterranean cruise for the week of June 19 – June 26.

If you are not familiar with Royal Caribbean ships, during each day of your voyage, a list of daily activities and events is provided in a small, magazine-like handout known as the Cruise Compass. This information is also available using the Royal IQ app but only once onboard the ship.

Cruise Compass Day 2 – Palma De Mallorca

Cruise Compass Day 3 – Marseille

Cruise Compass Day 4 – La Spezia (Florence)

Cruise Compass Day 5 – Civitavecchia (Rome)

Cruise Compass Day 6 – Naples (Capri)

Cruise Compass Day 7 – At Sea

I have also added each of the Daily Planners and the disembarkation documents.

My FULL REVIEW with pictures of the ship, ports, and dining options. Can be found here.

Any questions about the ship or ports of call? Ask below!



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