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Review: Wonderland Restaurant aboard Harmony of the Seas

The Harmony of the Seas is not only the most magnificent cruise ship to date, it also has one of the most unique restaurants on land or sea, Wonderland. Follow me on my experience below.

At Wonderland, I had my most creative and unique dining experience to date. If you are an adventurous foodie or simply like having fun, Wonderland is the place for you. Once we were seated at Wonderland, our waitress gave each of us a framed blank canvas and a paintbrush with a glass of water.

She instructed us to dip our paintbrushes in the water and then paint our names on the canvases. As we were painting, the menu magically appeared!

Wonderland Menu

The menu was divided into five “elements” Sun, Ice, Fire, Sea, and Earth. Our waitress stated that we could order à la carte or try the entire menu. We decided to try everything. Here are some of the items included in our dinner. 

What was under the smoked filled glass?


Buffalo Chicken Egg with smoke, blue cheese, hot sauce


Liquid Lobster with bone marrow, caviar


Baby Vegetables in the Garden with soil and pebbles


Shrimp Kataifi with crispy crumb, scotch bonnet


Crispy Crab Cone with cilantro, avocado mousse, ohba leaf


Reconstructed Caprese with liquid olive, ricotta powder, basil, congealed bloody mary


Terroir Beef with river stone potatoes, bordelaise sauce


Berkshire Pork Belly with apple slaw, cracklin


Slow Roasted Chicken with crispy skin, potato puree


Halibut Cooked in Clear Paper with mushrooms, potato, bacon

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Deconstructed Apple Pie à la Mode
Our friends arranged a surprise anniversary dessert and song for us!


Have you sailed on the Harmony of the Seas, or dined at Wonderland? Let us know about your experiences below!



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