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Review: Schweinehaus – German Dining at Overton Square

Schweinehaus is a nice little restaurant located on Madison Ave in the trendy Overton Square district. Having lived in Memphis my entire life I had never before experienced German cuisine. Schweinehaus was an excellent introduction! We were warmly greeted upon entering by our hostess. After letting her know our parties name and that we had a reservation, we were immediately escorted to our table that was already prepared.

I was told that any self-respecting German restaurant would have a vast selection of beer and in this area Schweinehaus definitely did not disappoint. They feature a rotating menu of both German and local beers in sizes 8 oz, ½ liter and 1 liter. I decided to try the Hofbräu Maibock which is a light, dry malt, with a slight peppery flavor. It was very good and I would certainly order again.

We began our meal with the “Sauerkraut Balls” appetizer. They were very crisp, fried spheres filled with Pulled Pork, Caramelized Onions, and Sauerkraut, served with Apple Butter on the side. I am fond of all the included ingredients separately, but the way they tasted combined was a delightful treat.


The menu has a wide variety of items that looked tasty. We decided on both an entrée and a sandwich.

Our entrée was the “Wurst Platter” it included our choice of 4 Sausages, 3 Potato Pancakes, Sauerkraut, Pickled Red Cabbage, Grilled Bread, and a condiment trio of Schweinehaus Mustard, Molasses Mustard, and Apple Jezebel.


The sausages we selected were the Kielbasa, Alligator, Smoked Duck and Wild Boar (they also have Bratwurst, Frankfurter, Schweinehaus, and Venison). They all were tasty with my favorite being the Alligator. I plan on returning and getting an Alligator sausage on their fresh pretzel buns.

Our sandwich was the “Raleigh Springs Chicken” which is Fried Chicken, Roasted Tomato, Bacon, Pimento Cheese, and Arugula on Toasted Brioche served with French fries. It was a very good chicken sandwich with a very well-seasoned, moist breast filet.


Everything we tried was delicious and plan on visiting Schweinehaus again soon.

Schweinhaus is open 7 Days a week from 11AM – 2AM and Brunch on Saturday & Sunday from 11AM til 5PM

Located at:

2110 Madison Ave.

Overton Square

Memphis, TN 38104

(901) 347-3060

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