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My Vegan Experiment –  22 Day Nutrition Meal Delivery Review

Like many, I watched the documentary “What The Health” on Netflix. Even though some of the statements seemed to border on fear-mongering “eating an egg a day is as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes”, I decided to try out a plant based diet for a few weeks. I don’t have any grand philosophical reasons for this choice. I just like trying new things and if it improves my health in the process it’s a win-win.
This led me to try 22 Day Nutrition. It is a plant based meal delivery service that is for people “in search of the perfect nutrition for optimum wellness.” They deliver meals (2 or 3 a day) to your home in a refrigerated box complete with instructions.


The meals were completely plant based which means that they are completely derived from plants including vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruits, but with no animal products (meat, milk, cheese, butter, etc). They all had very exotic sounding names like “Moroccan Olive Rice” and “Coconut Potato Quinoa”.
In theory, this would be ideal for anyone that’s a vegan or trying out a plant based diet. Keyword: THEORY
Even though I’m pretty sure that I’ve eaten meat every day of my life, I began my week full of optimism.


After a breakfast of Raisin Bran Crunch w/ almond milk and a grapefruit I began my 22Day Nutrition plan (lunch and dinner).
My lunch was the “Chipotle Brown Rice Bowl”

Chipotle Brown Rice Bowl


The taste was ok and I didn’t miss the meat.
The 1st day’s dinner was a “Blanched Black Bean Bowl”

Dinner – Blanched Black Beans. Had to remix it a little bit! #topchef #my22daysvegan #nachos #vegan #vegetarian #foodie #foodblog #foodporn #instafood #instavegan @22daysnutrition

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For variety’s sake I added baby kale, tortilla chips, and fresh salsa.
This was my highlight of the week.
My lunch on Day 2 was “Cinnamon Cilantro Lentils”

“Cinnamon Cilantro Lentils”


The particular meal was just OK, similar to the lunch I had on Day 1.

However, Day 2’s dinner “Ginger Yams & Quinoa” began a sharp downward spiral of in-edibleness.

“Ginger Yams & Quinoa”


“Ginger Yams & Quinoa” was truly the worse tasting meal I have eaten in my entire life, up to this point. I like ginger, I like yams, and I like quinoa. How these ingredients ended up so bad is truly mystifying.
I’ll stop posting pics of every meal at this point with the exception of the stand-out of the week the “Sweet Squash Lasagna”.

“Sweet Squash Lasagna”


The “Sweet Squash Lasagna” my friends is by far the worst thing I have ever eaten. Coming from me that means a lot. I have tried many unique foods during my travels and I love trying the cuisine from different cultures.

Kangaroo Pizza in Australia 

Peppered Kangaroo Pizza marinated in native pepper, carmalized onion, roasted capsicum, kale and feta #dinner #food #foodie #pizza #kangaroo #kale #sydney #australia #foodgasm #instafood #instagram #foodporn #foodblogger

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Fried Spam Sushi in Hawaii

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The “Sweet Squash Lasagna” was not just bad, it wasn’t even edible. Not only did it look unappetizing, the texture was what I imagine the congealed fat from the top of a can of chili to taste like. Just bad.

I would not have survived if not for these cookies!

Towards the end of the week I resigned to the fact that the 22 Day Nutrition meals were just not for me but I would still “try to get them down”.  These meals may be ideal for some people but as a die-hard foodie this was a no go. Even though the meals did not taste good I did reap some positives.

I lost 6 lbs over the week, I had more energy and I slept more soundly than I have in years. I don’t know if my sound sleeping was due to forgoing animal products or due to the depression I suffered from eating horrible food for a week. You be the judge.

Also, after this week, my taste for flavor profiles has been completely reset. Everything else tastes good now.
One of my biggest problems with the 22 Day Nutrition meals (besides the taste) is the fact that none of the ingredients are fresh. I would assume that most Vegans choose this type of diet at least in part for the health benefits. I’m not sure nuking pre-made entrees for 3 minutes everyday is the “perfect nutrition for optimum wellness”. To me the fresher the ingredients the better. In the past I have tried meal delivery from Blue Apron. They sent fresh ingredients in exact measurements and you assemble the meals yourself. I’m thinking of trying their vegan option in the future because the meals I had before were really good.

I plan to stick with an entirely plant based diet for at least a couple more weeks. I know that processed, fatty foods are not the healthiest options so I plan on making more healthier choices in the future. This week I’m going to sample some of the vegan restaurants in town featured on VeganCrunk.  I’ll let you know the results next week. Subscribe for updates!

Have you tried any vegan food delivery services?
Any  vegan recipes or restaurants I should try?

I’d love to hear your comments below!



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