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Review: Memphis Lighthouse

Today I had lunch at the recently opened Memphis Lighthouse located at 60 N Main Street, right where Main Street intersects with Court Square.

The cuisine served is “Cajun Soul Food Fusion”.

After being presented with the menu we made 3 choices. The 1st selection was the tacos. Two tacos entrée come with the lunch portion so I mixed it up and decided on one crawfish taco and one catfish taco. Both were seasoned very well and fried perfectly. They were served with a very good salsa made with tomato, red onion and cilantro then topped with a homemade drizzle.

Catfish and Crawfish Tacos

Our second entree was the “Memphis Dry Rub Salmon” Having being born in Memphis, I was surprised to never having seen this pairing before because trust me, it works! The two sides we selected were the “Southern Greenz and the “Muddy Water Mac-N-Cheese”. While the Southern Greenz were delicious in their own right, the Mac-N-Cheese was simply outstanding. It combines mac-n-cheese with crawfish, shrimp, and catfish.

Memphis Dry Rub Salmon
Southern Greenz
Muddy Water Mac-N-Cheese


Lastly we had the “Fryday Night Catfish”. A very tasty catfish filet that was seasoned very well without being too salty. Our sides were the Seasoned Friez and the Seasoned Green Beanz. The seasonings on the sides were very well balanced too.

Fryday Night Catfish

We finished our meal with 2 desserts. We selected the “Limoncello Cheesecake” and the “Sweet Potato Pecan Pie” topped with bourbon soaked pecans.

Limoncello Cheesecake
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

They both were very sweet and tasty.

I really enjoyed lunch at Memphis Lighthouse. The quality of the food was very good and tasted delicious. The portions were sizable as well.

I am looking forward to returning to Memphis Lighthouse to try some more of their other creative fusions.




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