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Day 2: Palma De Mallorca, Spain – Harmony of the Seas 

We started our first day at port bright and early. Since we didn’t have any planned excursions for the day, we decided to tour the town on our own.

We took advantage of the independent shuttle service arraigned by Royal Caribbean for 5 euros per person round-trip. The shuttle ran throughout the day beginning when the gangway opens at 8:30am until 2:30pm. It dropped us off near the The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma which is in a very picturesque setting near the town center.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma Mallorca Harmony of the Seas
The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma

This location is a very touristy area with lots of shops, restaurants and a mall.

After walking around a bit, we returned to the ship so that we could enjoy it while everyone else was out touring Mallorca. This plan ended up working out very well. We made it to the shuttle pick up point around noon and only had to wait about 5 minutes in queue for the shuttle. Some of our fellow cruises who waited till around 2pm to head to the pick up point had to stand in a long queue in the hot sun for over 30 minutes.

Once we arrived back at port and cleared customs, we boarded the Harmony and went to  Sorrentos for lunch. Instead of selecting a ready-made pizza slice, I chose the “make-your-own” option because I wanted a pizza with pepperoni, olives, tomato and jalapeños. It only took 10 minutes for them to make my personal pizza and it tasted pretty good.

Sorrento's Pizzaria Harmony of the Seas
Sorrento’s Pizzeria


Next, we went to Central Park to look around at the beautiful greenery and shops. The fact that this amazing garden is aboard a cruise ship is simply phenomenal. Royal Caribbean has really set the bar high for amenities on a cruise ship.



Vintages Wine Bar Harmony of the Seas Royal Caribbean
Vintages Wine Bar

Harmony of the Seas Royal Caribbean Central Park

Harmony of the Seas Royal Caribbean Central Park Trellis Bar
Trellis Bar
Harmony of the Seas Royal Caribbean Central Park Jamie' Italian
Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaraunt
Harmony of the Seas Royal Caribbean Central Park Jamie Oliver Italian Menu
Jamie Oliver Italian Menu





After dinner we were scheduled for the Headliner Showtime: staring MO5AIC at 11 pm. Since I didn’t watch Season 4 of  the ABC show “America’s Got Talent” I was unfamiliar with this band. Was I glad that I went to this show! MO5AIC is a five-man “vocal band” that creates a unique musical experience utilizing only the human voice.

No instrumentation is used at all and they sound great! The sounds and harmonies produced with their voices was simply amazing. MO5AIC performed a wide variety of hits from different genres. I am glad that I did not miss this show.


Upon arrival at our stateroom, this little rabbit greeting us.

Today was a very good day. Tomorrow is Marseilles, France.


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