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Breakfast in Nashville at Biscuit Love 

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. With that being said, the average daily breakfast is rather monotonous and dare I say boring. While on a recent trip to Nashville Tennessee I decided to try Biscuit Love, a restaurant that is said to have “the best breakfast in Nashville”

I went on a Monday morning and here is the scene as I arrived


The line moved rather swiftly as we were warmly greeted by cheerful hosts and hostesses. Once inside we browsed the many souvenirs on display to pass the time.



I ordered the “Bill Neal” Cheese Grits, Gulf Shrimp, Mushrooms, Fatback Bacon, Lemon Tabasco Sauce, and Green Onion. While at the table waiting on my order, a friendly waiter asked what I ordered while refilling our beverages. After I told him, he said “GREAT choice! Alton Brown said it was the BEST shrimp & grits of his life!” Alton has never let me down so I was now certain my choice was the best.

Being born and raised in the South, I’ve had my fair share of shrimp & grits. This dish surpassed them all. Every ingredient harmonized perfectly with the plump, juicy, well-seasoned shrimp. The grits were neither too dry, too runny, or too cheesy, just perfect.


For dessert, I got an order of Bonuts – Fried Biscuit Dough with Lemon Mascarpone, and a Blueberry Compote. The perfect marriage of biscuits and donuts.


I really enjoyed my breakfast at Biscuit Love. This was not any way your average run-of-the-mill breakfast restaurant. The menu is very creative and exciting. There are quite a few items that I want to try in the future. Upon returning to Nashville, Biscuit Love will definitely be on my list.


Have you been to Biscuit Love? Any other can’t miss restaurants in Nashville? I’d love to hear about it below!



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