Hello, my name is Jay Small. Welcome to SmallWorldTastes.com!

I live in Memphis, Tennessee and I love traveling and trying new things. So trying new things on my travels are a must. So far I have visited 12 countries and too many cities to count. I’m always planning my next trip and a new restaurant to try. In fact, I am an expert foodie.

To me being a “foodie” is about curiosity. Curiosity about flavors, textures, cuts, combinations, the list is endless. I believe good food can be found practically anywhere, from a hole in the wall café in Mississippi to a Michelin rated restaurant in Rome, it’s there, I just have to find it.

Another interest of mine is anything that helps me to have a better experience along my adventures. Whether it’s a new app or something that adds comfort (I love my hoodie neck pillow), I’m all for making the most of my time spent traveling and enjoying new experiences.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you find my reviews and photographs helpful and inspirational for your next journey.

Join me on my adventures!