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5 Essential Apps For Stress Free International Travel

Whether traveling internationally for business or leisure, having the needed apps downloaded to your device before you arrive is a must. Proper planning makes all the difference between a rushed, stressful trip and a restful, worry-free getaway. Smartphones have made it easier than ever before to plan, book, communicate, and explore, all from the palm of your hand. With millions of travel apps available, which ones are the BEST? This is where I have you covered.

The following are apps that I use before and during my travels. These apps are all free (or have free versions) and are available for both Android and iOs devices.



TripIt is the app I start all of my travel planning with, to me it is indispensable.  What it does is organize all of your travel details into an app customized just for you. Any confirmation emails regarding your trip that you receive (airline, rental car, hotel, restaurant reservations, events bookings, etc), forward them to the app and that’s it! In seconds it updates your app with your entire travel itinerary including confirmation numbers, addresses, weather, and directions. If you’re travelling with others you can easily share your plans, making this a useful app for coordinating a group trip. All of these features are included in the free version. The paid ($49.99 annually) version includes these features plus real time flight information, alternate flight search, flight refund notifications and others. There is a comparison table at

I have been using the Pro version of TripIt since 2010 and I literally don’t leave home without it.

Download (Android, iOs)


Google Maps

I use Google Maps almost every day but the features for travelers really expands its usage. It provides turn-by-turn navigation, travel times, public transportation schedules, as well as the ability to save unlimited maps for offline use that are great for unfamiliar areas. The GPS in your phone or tablet will still work even without a cellular signal which allows you to get driving and public transit directions offline. Google Maps helps you find the best places in town and the information you need to get there. 

Download (Android, iOs)



Uber is great app for domestic and international travel. When you don’t speak the language of the driver, NO PROBLEM!, I have taken many Uber rides overseas without ever uttering a word. This is because the app handles everything. Just enter your pickup location and destination, and Uber sends you an estimated pickup time, estimated fare, a photo of your driver, what type of car they are driving, and their license plate number. Your credit card on file will be charged at the end of the trip. Uber is THE way to get a reliable ride in minutes.

If you would like a discount to try Uber, feel free to use my promo code: 2mcukue for a free ride up to $20.

Download (Android, iOs)


Pack Point

PackPoint is an app that will organize what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. It’s very good for making sure that nothing left is behind. The app also allows users to add any custom items that are not included in the preset templates. When I have an extended trip coming up, I begin adding items when I first make plans and add additional items as needed leading up to departure.

Download (Android, iOs)


Google Translate

If you’re traveling somewhere you don’t speak the language, you’ll find Google’s free translation app very useful. Google Translate is simply the best app for translating speech, text, and images. Simply type in the words you need to translate, pick a target language and the app handles everything else.

You’ve also got the option of taking a photo, using handwriting or even speaking a phrase and have the resulting text translated and (in some cases) read aloud.

Download (Android, iOs)





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